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About jojothepojo Can you fall in love with an island? Yes you can! I did... with Formentera... Because Formentera is like a hidden treasure, beautiful and magical as a naked mermaid. Follow me but ... keep it secret! You only discover the nature of that lady with silence and tender loving admiration... Johan

Women Encounters in Formentera with Nur Diaz Shandara

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Piratabus of Formentera

  Piratabus… Your place to be! A video from Andreas Schumacher And 2 videos from my Youtube playlist ‘Hip Formentera’  

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Spot Formentera 2017 ES

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Formentera in a pure state…

Photographs by the artist Juan Picca.

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Camping No! Un moment de gloria a Formentera

Ein Dokumentarfilm über Tourismus und Umweltschutz auf Formentera. You can help the realisation of this project and movie with crowd funding! Crowd funding Camping No!

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Formentera in winter…

The period between New Year and the first week in January, the locals call it the little summer because it is mostly good weather and warm up to 20 °. The island lies in the deserved winter sleep, almost all … Continue reading

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Orson Buch: Paintings Formentera

more paintings from this great artist!

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